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Our Curriculum Year

Our Curriculum Year

This plan will also incorporate the children’s interests as the year progresses so topics may be adapted and added throughout the year:

Autumn Term 1

Who am I?

Autumn Changes

Witches and Wizards

Autumn Term 2

Who Lives in the Land of Make Believe?

Celebrations(Diwali, Bonfire Night, Christmas)

Spring Term 1

Who would I ask to help me?

Spring Term 2

All Creatures Great and Small


Summer Term 1

Growth and Change

Summer Term 2

Here, There and Everywhere

Additional Information 

Parents will be provided with English (speaking, listening, reading and writing) objectives each term for parents to support the development of their child. Parents will similarly receive Mathematical (number and shape, space and measure) objects each term.

It can be helpful to send a change of clothes (named) with your child as our spares are limited as accidents sometimes happen when the children are busy learning and playing they forget to go to the toilet.

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Letters sent home will be posted here

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