We might all get a little worried or anxious at times.

IF you are feeling worried or anxious there are many services who may be able to help you with your individual concern.

Please see below for links and contact them directly.

The Bread & Butter Thing

The Bread and Butter Thing (TBBT) is a charity that makes life more affordable for people on a low income.


TBBT is open to residents who live within a one mile radius of the three current hubs:

Tuesday – Mount Pleasant Primary School (Cockerton) 1:30pm

Wednesday – Corporation Road Primary School (Northgate) Collection 2:45pm

Thursday – Red Hall Primary School Collection 1:30pm

If residents would like to participate they need to follow a set of steps to sign up:

Step 1 - Send a text to TBBT on 07537416040 with full name, postcode and the name of the hub (Mount Pleasant, Corporation Road, Red Hall) and TBBT will get in touch. (must live within one mile of the hub)

Step 2 - Select the size of order they want to receive. A typical family order would be £7.50, an individual would be £4. An extra large family would be £15.

Step 3 – TBBT will send a text two days prior to collection day to ask if the resident wants to order for that week. All they have to do is reply “YES” to the text by 10:00am the day before collection and TBBT will deliver their order to their Hub at the specified times.

Step 4 – Pay for & collect the order from their chosen hub.


Family Learning & Skills

The best way we can help ourselves is to engage in EDUCATION.

Please contact Learning & Skills directly for all course details and to book a place.


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