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We are a large primary school situated in the north of the historic town of Darlington. We provide a stimulating and exciting educational experience for 630 pupils aged between 4 and 11 year old. 

 "One parent's comment encapsulated the views expressed by several: 

       'My child is not simply taught but nurtured and inspired to be the 

very best he can.' "                            


Whinfield Primary School is a welcoming community which evolves and changes. We believe that education is about expanding our expectations and building on firm foundations. It is critical for our success that every learner is well equipped with a balance of social, moral and academic skills.

       "Teachers and pupils have a shared understanding of behaviour. 

          Pupils understand the links between behaviour and effective learning.    

Teachers apply the schools behaviour policy in a consistent manner, 

    as a result, polite, inquisitive pupils behave well. They listen respectfully 

        to adult requests. Pupils conduct indoors and out is sensible and safe.              

Playtimes are happy affairs and pupils say they have lots of 

              'really kind friends"


We have an effective team who are committed to providing unique, stimulating and interesting learning opportunities to motivate our learners to apply their skills. Our dedicated staff strive to ensure every individual pupil is given the support and opportunities needed to achieve their full potential. At Whinfield Primary School we recognise that we all have a part to play in shaping the future and we are all valued, respected and heard.

‘"You have created a positive, industrious culture in which adults ensure 

         that children are firmly at the centre of their endeavours. The warm 

           ethos of the school is inviting; pupils delight in coming to school each 

         day and enjoy positive, respectful relationships with staff. A vibrant 

              buzz of learning is perceptible throughout many of the bright, 

              attractive learning spaces you have remodelled."      


We have a strong, visionary Leadership team who encourage all staff and pupils to achieve and share the school ethos and vision.

         "The actions of leaders at all levels are now firmly focused on 

the difference they can make to pupils' progress. Responsibility and 

accountability are shared commodities, there is a united vision for 

moving the school forward."    


"Leaders and managers have made sure that the safety and

protection of pupils are foremost in their minds and prioritised in school 

wide practices."   


I hope that, within our website, you will discover how we combine the best of community values with the very latest in teaching methods. If you would like any further information about any aspect of life at Whinfield Primary School, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Shirley Welsh 

Head Teacher


Whinfield Primary School


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