International Links

We are very proud of our international links with schools in Tanzania and Botswana. These links are possible through a grant for Connecting Classrooms through the British Council

We have hosted teachers from our partner schools in Tanzania and Botswana over the last three years and some of our staff have visited Tanzania and Botswana and learned about the significant differences between our schools as well as enabling our staff to enable teach in the international schools and bring back the experience to our children. We have linked our international work with the rights respecting award

and learned about the similarities and differences in our global rights. 

We are very proud of our Intermediate Level International award which we achieved in 2013 and are currently enhancing our links to work towards the full award.

Out work continues and every year we have  family challenge to incorporate the international theme for example International homes, International gardens, Olympic Mascots 

Our international  studies compliment the respecting rights of children  enabling our children to learn about children across the globe.

Working with Our Community

At Whinfield we are working together to promote Children’s Rights, as listed under the Articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). Becoming a Rights Respecting School will support our children in becoming confident, independent, enthusiastic and creative learners within a caring, safe and supportive environment.

A Rights Respecting School supports children in becoming global citizens and supports our belief that children achieve most when they feel an included and valued part of the decision making process.

Each week our assemblies theme links to a specific article (right) and children are reminded of how following our 'High 5'helps pupils in our school to access their rights.

The UNCRC consists of 54 articles in total, with each article referring to a right. Some of rights mentioned in the UNCRC are:

The right to an education;

The right to a home; 

The right to play;

The right to nutritious food; 

The right to be listened to; 

The right to know your rights. 

We also have to remember to respect the rights of other children in our school, our community and our world.

More information about rights can be found here:

Unicef Rights Respecting Award

We use our work in relation to the rights respecting award to be considerate to those inside and outside our school and are working towards our rights respecting award. 

We are proud to work with our neighbours and community, many of whom sponsor our work and support us by volunteering in our school. We have supported our community with choir performances to local residents where they have been unable to get into school to see our productions.  

Everything we do is for the benefit of our children.

Darlington Credit Union

We encourage our children to be financially aware from an early age by saving through our Young Savers Club with Darlington Credit Union who offer a savings scheme to pupils and parents from the school reception. Application forms are available in school if your child would like to save for something special, cash can be withdrawn at any time and is protected by the FSA.

Whinfield Residents Association

We work with Whinfield Residents Association to improve and develop our immediate community our latest project has been with ASDA and Whinfield Residents Association to rescue trollies abandoned in the area. Our pupils designed a campaign to promote safe return understanding the impcat to the community and the cost to ASDA of non returned trollies.

ASDA Darlington

We work very closely with ASDA who generously allow our parents and visitors to use their carpark for easy drop off and pick up at school. Please be very considerate of where you park to ensure you do not obstruct the bus area or entrance / exit to ASDA.   In addition Louise the ASDA Community Champion works with us on many projects and offers huge financial and physical support. We thank you very much for your generous support.

Schools North East

Schools North East is a not for profit collaborative set up by schools for schools, who are the first and only school-led regional network in the UK.

At Whinfield we work very closely with SNE driving the regional strategy for schools, developing our own training and events for school staff to ensure we receive best value at all times.

Durham Music Service

Durham Music Service operates as part of Durham County Council and enables us to offer our children musical and instrumental opportunities at affordable prices. These include class and individual instrument lessons, choir and the privilege of playing with the Halle Orchestra.


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