Onsite Breakfast & Afterschool Provision

​The onsite childcare provision offers affordable breakfast and after school care in the safety and comfort of the school premises.

Our aim is to provide an affordable healthy and active start and end to the school day within the school premises, offering peace of mind for working parents and is available to all pupils attending Whinfield Primary School, however, places are limited to ensure adequate staffing ratios. 

Places are allocated on a first come first served basis and can be booked and paid for 28 days in advance using the School Gateway App or website.

Breakfast and a snack are provided and a range of activities are offered in the school hall which provides a safe, secure and relaxed environment.

Breakfast session is available Monday to Friday 7.30am to 8.45am

After school session is available  3.00pm - 6.00pm

Childcare sessions are currently available during school term time only.


All queries regarding childcare should be directed to Mrs P Porter, Breakfast Club Leaders who can be contacted on 07900 702316 or via the school office on 01325 240499. If Mrs Porter is unavailable to deal with your query immediately please leave a message and she will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.


Breakfast & After School

Extended Learning Opportunities

It is important to us that all children are accounted for at all times therefore parents must escort children to the school entrance next to ASDA carpark where a door bell has been installed to contact the staff in the school hall to ensure all pupils are marked in the register. 

Breakfast Session 7.30am  - Parents escort pupils to entrance where they are met by our staff and marked in the


7.30am to 8.25am  - Breakfast is served and is eaten in the school hall which is a pleasant, calm environment

8.45am - KS2 children go from the school hall to join their peers in class

8.50am - EYFS and KS1 children are escorted to their classrooms by a member of staff ready for the start of school 

Games and activities are provided throughout the morning, encouraging social and interactive skills as well as learning through play. 

Registers are taken daily, morning and afternoon to ensure pupil safety in case of emergency or evacuation of the building


3.05pm  -  Key Stage 1 children are collected from their classroom by staff and marked in the register. 

3.15pm  - Key stage 2 children make their way to the school hall where they are met by staff and marked in the register.

3.15pm – 3.45pm - A healthy snack freshly prepared by our school meals service will be served and is eaten in the school hall which is a safe, pleasant, calm environment

3.45pm – 6.00pm  - Children are engaged in daily activities and games in the school hall, library and grounds encouraging social and interactive skills as well as learning through play. 

Activities vary throughout the week, a selection of toys and games suitable for all ages are available daily and children are encouraged to participate and share.

Registers are taken daily to ensure pupil safety in case of emergency or evacuation of the building.

Children can be collected from the school hall via the entrance next to ASDA carpark, Entry is gained by ringing the doorbell enabling staff to greet parents / guardians. 

Please note a late fee of £15 per child per 15 minutes will be charged for collections after 6.00pm as our staff finish at 6.00pm.

Behaviour Policy

High Five

Children are expected to show courtesy and consideration to staff and other pupils during breakfast and afterschool hours and display excellent behaviour at all times. 

Our childcare provision has adopted the schools “High 5” behaviour policy as all children are familiar with this policy

Any concerns with behaviour will be discussed with the child first, followed with a phone call to parents if necessary. In extreme circumstances persistent bad behaviour could result in a child’s exclusion from breakfast and after school provision, although all other strategies would be explored first to avoid this outcome.

First Aid & Medication

Caring & Nurturing

If first aid is administered during breakfast or after school hours, any treatment is recorded. If deemed necessary, the child’s parents will also be contacted. 

As inhalers and epi-pens provided for school use are kept in the classrooms; parents are requested to provide a second inhaler or epi-pen for breakfast and after school staff. These are stored in a locked cupboard so they are readily accessible should they be needed.


Fun and Tasty

We work with our school meals provider to ensure balanced, healthy Breakfast and evening snack is served daily.

All food is freshly prepared onsite by our school cook.

Breakfast; there is a wide choice including:

CEREALS …Weetabix, Cornflakes, Shreddies, Rice Krispies 

TOAST … served with spread, jam, marmalade, honey and golden syrup.

DRINKS…milk, orange juice, apple juice, water, orange or blackcurrant squash.

After School snack menu varies and is preparend to complement the lunchtime meal to ensuring school food trust standaards are balanced. There is a choice of hot snack or sandwich, dessert and fruit.

DRINKS…milk, orange juice, apple juice, water, orange or blackcurrant squash.

Book and Pay Online using School Gateway

Affordable Childcare

Childcare fees are per session:



All sessions must be booked and paid for 28 days in advance on School Gateway App or Website.

If you would like to be able to book a place please contact the school office on 01325 240499 to be added to the group as places are limited

Our fees are set to fund the staff, food and activities, only. School does not make a profit from our childcare provision therefore unfortunately we must request that parents work with us in making this service sustainable by honoring the notice period of 28 days if you wish to cancel your childcare provision.

Meet Our Childcare Team

Skilled & Effective

Meet our Breakfast and After School Team

Senior Play Leader

Mrs P Porter

Play Leaders

Mrs M Todd

Mrs J Knaggs

Mrs C Smith

Mrs A Swales

Mrs T Liddle

Our children are supervised at all times. All staff have Enhanced DSB checks to work with children, appropriate qualifications including up to date first aid certificates and food hygiene certificates. 

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child is met by staff and not left unattended in the school entrance either before or during childcare hours. 

In the unlikely event of an emergency, procedures are in place for an organised evacuation, the registers will be taken and all children will be accounted for. These emergency procedures are practiced regularly. In the event the building could not be re-entered parents would be contacted to collect children.


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